После 0.33 пива здесь можно за руль.

Интересное нашёл в сети на тему «как оно работает»:

«One drink (12 oz beer, 1.25 oz 80 proof, or 4 oz wine) will raise your BAC approx 0.02. The human body will metabolize approx 0.015 per hour. These numbers are approximate, as everyone metabolizes alcohol at slightly different rates.

With regards to eating you need to understand how alcohol enters the bloodstream. Alcohol is absorbed, not digested. Approx 80% of the alcohol is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine. Approx 10-15% is absorbed through the stomach lining, and approx 5-10% is expelled through breath. With that said, when you consume food, the pyloric valve at the base of the stomach closes, to keep the undigested food in your stomach until it is completely digested. If you consume alcohol while the pyloric valve is closed (on a full stomach or with undigested food in teh stomach) the alcohol just sits in the stomach where only 10-15% is being absorbed. Once the food is digested and the pyloric valve opens, you get a rush of alcohol in to your small intestine, where 80% of it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Food does not keep you from getting drunk, it causes you to get drunk later.

How long it takes all of the alcohol to metabolize out of your system depends on how much alcohol is in your system at the highest point or when you stop consuming alcohol. If you get up to a 0.15 at your highest, and don’t consume any alcohol once you get to that point, it will take approximately 10 hours for all of the alcohol to metabolize out of your system. This is why people who get themselves up to a very high level (0.25 or so) and stop drinking at last call (2am), are still WAY over the legal limit when they go to work at 9 am. If someone was at a 0.25 at 2am, they would only have metabolized approximately 0.11 worth of alcohol by the time they leave for work at 9am, thus leaving them somewhere around a 0.14, even though they might just feel «hungover».

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